Wednesday, January 28, 2009: (St. Thomas Aquinas)

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen plenty of snow every winter, but now you are starting to see four or more ice storms before the winter is even over. Ice storms take a long time to form and the weather has to remain the same over an area. Such storms of long duration are the symptoms of the HAARP machine in Alaska that is being used to cause repetitive ice storms. Ice storms cause many power failures and destruction of trees and whatever they fall on. Some areas can take weeks to restore power and cost many dollars in repairs to remove debris and fix what was destroyed. A continuation of such natural disasters will just add to the grief that people are suffering from the recession. Pray for these people that are suffering from ice storms because there have been some deaths from falling icy tree limbs. The one world people will use whatever means they can to bring about the takeover of America. Causing power outages is just one of their tactics as well as bankruptcies.”