Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012: (Conversion of St. Paul)
Jesus said: “My people, St. Paul was blinded by My Light, and later he had to be healed of his sight. Once he realized who I was, St. Paul became one of My most ardent missionaries. He brought the faith to the Gentiles and the Jews. Not everyone will have such a conversion experience, but I give everyone the same opportunity to believe and follow Me to heaven. In the vision there is a deeper meaning to life on earth, if you can see it through My ways instead of man’s ways. If you look closely at My creation, you can see My perfection, and My hand in everything that I have created. Man has abused nature in many ways by changing the make-up of the plants and animals. Your manipulation of the DNA of your crops is causing more cancer, and upsetting the balance of nature that I created. I look at the big picture, while man only treats symptoms, as in your medicines. My faithful need to see My Light and follow My ways because this is the only true path to heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing many signs of how the one world people are preparing to take over the world with their new world order. One sign is the coming possible war in the Middle East that is focused on Iran. This fight over oil could involve China and Russia, which could cause a world war. The price of gasoline will greatly increase, and gasoline could even be in short supply. Having some extra fuel may be wise for traveling to My refuges. Other signs are the possible collapse of the euro in the European Union. Your military can now pick up even Americans who do not go along with the new world order. After the Warning life review, the persecution of Christians will get worse, and the rise of the Antichrist will be coming. I will warn My faithful when it is time to leave for My refuges before the evil ones try to capture you in their death camps. Call on Me and I will have your guardian angel lead you to My nearest refuge. You will be made invisible to the evil ones, so they cannot see you or harm you. Have some food, water, tents, blankets, and sacramentals in one place so you can quickly store them in your vehicles for your escape to My refuges. The tribulation will be an evil reign, but the time will be shortened for the sake of My elect. I will then bring My victory over the evil ones, and I will prepare My Era of Peace for your reward.”