Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I have shown you the destruction of San Francisco before, but not in such vivid detail. Now you are seeing the water rushing into the city as an earthquake will cause a large crevasse and the city will fall into the ocean. This utter destruction is more of a sign that this time is coming soon. The people of this city have been steeped in their sins of homosexual acts in defiance of My natural order. These acts are an abomination to My eyes, and My justice is calling for their destruction, as I destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. I have told you that certain disasters are occurring in places of great sin, and this will be one of them. These people could repent of their sinful lifestyles and be saved like Niniveh, but this is doubtful that they would listen to My Word. Those, who refuse to repent of their sins and continue to sin, can only expect the consequences of their actions to bring them death. These people in their parades are so flaunting their sins in My face, that they are bringing My blazing wrath upon them. When you see this destruction, take a lesson America, because there is more to come for the rest of your sins of abortion, euthanasia, prostitution, adultery, and cloning.” Jesus said: “My people, your travel over roads is going to be more treacherous because of the many disasters that will be blocking your roads. In some areas you could see severe mud slides over your roads. In other areas volcanoes with dust or lava could block some roads. In the North you could see major snowfalls block your roads. And in some states with tornadoes or high winds, you could see more blocked roads from downed trees. Such blocked transportation could keep your trucks from bringing food, fuel, and other essential needs. These natural disasters could compound any recession or slowdown in your economy. Your markets have been very volatile because of your credit market problems. If enough consumers slow up their buying, any downturn could get much worse. Pray for your ability to feed yourselves and maintain your markets.”