Wednesday, January 20, 2010: (St. Fabian)

Jesus said: “My people, it is one thing to complain and sit idly by watching life go by you. It is another thing to stand up to your persecutors and still proclaim the Gospel by fighting in peaceful demonstrations against your abortion court decision. When the people rise up against their evil-minded leaders, you can see how the pro-death candidates can be defeated. This latest Health Plan in all of its backroom deals has infuriated the people, and they are taking action against the current administration’s plans to force a bad bill through the Congress. Even as David defeated Goliath, so the death culture people have lost a crucial Senate seat, halting their 60 vote majority. Now you are seeing that the will of the people can still override the one world people if you take action as a group over their power. Call on My power in prayer and you can even move political mountains.”

Jesus said: “My people, to create a need for a National Emergency, the one world people could use various terrorist plots to either destroy some major buildings, spread a deadly Swine Flu virus, or poison your water. These attacks on your air, water, or your electric grid are your most vulnerable targets. This is why the elite have their underground bunkers so they can protect themselves from any means of cutting down the population. The death culture people are planning to reduce the population dramatically, and the quickest way is through a highly contagious and deadly pandemic virus. This could be spread by release through chemtrails or spreading the disease by putting live virus in the flu shots. The evil ones already have an antidote vaccine to protect themselves. This is why I have told you, when you see many people dying from a new virus, it is time to go to your refuges by calling on Me to lead you with your guardian angels. You will be healed by looking on My luminous cross at My refuges. Trust in My protection when martial law will be declared.”