Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, the vision of the eagle on this pile of gold objects represents the United States.  The gold objects had a hold on the eagle and this has two meanings.  The first meaning is that Americans have pride in their possessions and wealth, which gives them a false sense of security because this can be taken away quickly.  The second meaning is that the rich, or the one world people have a hold on your money, your government, and your means of buying and selling.  These one world people are soon going to control your buying and selling with the chips in your smart cards that will become the mark of the beast.  These evil ones want to make you their slaves, and even control your minds with chips in the body.  You need to free yourself from all of the attachments to wealth and possessions.  You also need to avoid using microchips as much as you can, especially do not take any chips in the body, and avoid using any smart card devices.  Eventually, it will be necessary to seek out My refuges so you can be protected by My angels from all of these evil ones who will try to kill you for your faith.  Trust in My power before I will vanquish all of those seeking their gold to be rich in the flesh, instead of being rich in the spirit.”