Wednesday, January 2, 2008: (St. Basil & St. Gregory)

Jesus said: “My people, in this vision you are seeing these monks living a monastic life of silence that is not attached to any of the distractions of the world. These distractions interfere with your prayer life, and you have rightly prayed in the past to pray to have any demons of distractions to leave you. This silence of the monastic life is a good example to all of you to try and allocate some time for silent meditation and even contemplative prayer. I have asked you to spend five to ten minutes in silence at your Adoration time, but more time would be better during the day. During this silence, practice focusing on the love of your Lord for you, and show your love and thanks to Me. Use this time to remind yourself that every day should be consecrated to Me in all of your actions. Ask Me to help you in all of your projects. You will see that these moments of silence will give you a chance to recollect where you are in your spiritual life, so you can improve on your path to sainthood. Also, help focus your love on your neighbor in how best to help them physically and in their spiritual lives. You will see that these silent moments will be your little refuge or oasis for Me away from the world’s concerns.”