Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday, January 18, 2017:
Jesus said: “My son, you have helped your family and friends in their needs without hesitation. You have been given many gifts so you could help people, but you feel in your heart how you want to share what you have. You also are being called to share My messages and your faith with people who you do not know, and some friends who you have made in many places. Every time you share your time and finances with people, you are storing up treasure in heaven. I am also calling on all of My faithful to do what you are doing in sharing time, faith, and donations. There is a further need for prayers for converting sinners to the faith, and for prayers to release the souls from purgatory. This is more time that I am asking, so your prayers can be used to help people in their souls. People need physical help to survive with money for food and a place to stay, but your souls last forever, and this life is temporary. The more souls you can help save is the best gift that you could give anyone. This is why prayers and Masses for the dead are greatly needed. Remember to pray and give Masses for all the people who you attend at their funerals. The souls in purgatory are quickly forgotten because you do not see them anymore. This is why they want you to have their pictures in open places, so you can see them, and remember to pray for their souls. Continue to spend as much time as you can praying for the conversion of sinners, and for the poor suffering souls in purgatory, so they can be released one day.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have been waiting for this inauguration for many weeks since the election. You have never seen such a display by the losing party as you have in this election. A fair number of Congress people have said that they will not attend the inauguration. It is very hard to have a united country when one side does not even accept that your President-elect was properly elected. You are coming to a point to see what protest will be carried out. Your police and National Guard are ready to protect this event from any violence. Continue to pray for your President-elect to be sworn into office without any trouble. Pray for his safety and the safety of all of your Congress people present. You will see all the plans that will be implemented by your new President. Pray that he will succeed in turning your country around to its original roots.”