Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jesus said: “My son, this story of Samuel being called by God to be a prophet for the people, is very close to your being called as well.  I have shown you many confirmations of My messages for your mission to prepare the people for the end times.  Keep humble and holy as you are also called to be a good example for others as well.  I am calling everyone to repent of their sins and share the Good News of My salvation with all of My people.  In today’s vision you can see that everyone is called to break bread with Me in Holy Communion at the Mass, but also you are called to help each other according to your needs.  Helping and loving your neighbor are part of your Christian responsibilities.  If you truly love your neighbor, then you should be willing to give your time and money to help with their food and shelter in their necessities  of life.  Each person, who is able-bodied, should work to provide  their own means for survival.  It is one thing to receive help from others, but each person should make an effort to help themselves with My grace.  Continue to love one another and be generous with your gifts as I am loving and generous with My gifts to you.”