Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, in this winter you have seen a warm spell that melted nearly all of the snow causing floods, and now you have frigid temperatures freezing everything. This hot and cold in the weather is how the bad souls are getting worse, and the good souls are getting better with fewer in between. I send My abundant graces out to everyone, but only My faithful souls are using them to help themselves and others. Every soul has plenty of opportunities to be saved on their own, but some have icy cold hearts that refuse to let Me come in. It is only by miracles of conversion that some of these icy hearts are thawed out to listen to My Word. Do not give up on souls, but keep praying for their conversions. I love all of you, and I am waiting like the father of the Prodigal Son until one day these souls will wake up to come to Me. Pray for sinners in your intentions every day.”