Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, events are going to be moving very quickly and your government will see some dramatic changes over to a new world order. There will be a gradual withdrawal of all of your sovereignty rights, and your Bill of Rights will be struck down as the one world people will take over your country, and make it a part of the North American Union. This will all take place under your new President who will be working with the one world people. Your financial debts will all be wiped away with the change from dollars over to ameros. Chips will be made mandatory in the body for buying and selling. Once martial law and mandatory chips in the body are brought about, it will be time for My faithful to call on Me to have your angels lead you to the nearest refuge. At My refuges of protection you will be protected by an angel and you will have food, water, and shelter. You will lose all of your possessions except what you are carrying, and you will all work together to help each other to survive. Those, who refuse to go to My refuges, could be martyred or forced to work in labor camps. Once all of the unions are formed, then power will be given over to the Antichrist. His reign will be brief until I will conquer all evil and bring about My Era of Peace.”