Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012:
Jesus said: “My son, you can identify with the calling of Samuel. I called you in Medugorje to convert your computer addiction from spending so much time for yourself into time for Me in your prayer life. If you allow yourself to be so taken up with worldly cares, you will not be open for the mission that I have planned for you. The healing of this addiction was a miracle as I took you off this detour from My work. Once you were made open, then I asked you to take on My mission. When you accepted My mission, I then gradually led you to receive My inner locutions with visions of the messages. After receiving My messages for a few years, then I urged you to have them published in books. I even gave you the grace by the Holy Spirit to go out speaking to those who would listen to My word. I also urged you to spread My Word in your DVDs and on the internet. You have been led by your spiritual directors, and you have been protected from many trials that have tried to stop your mission. Be grateful that you are working in My vineyard to save souls, and prepare My faithful for the coming tribulation. You need to keep close to Me in your prayers and in My sacraments. I send prophets and messengers into the world in all ages, and in many places all over the earth. My people need to be grateful also when I give you the words that you need to hear for the coming events.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a horse and buggy reminds you of how people traveled around before cars were invented. I am showing you this vision because a time is coming when you may not be able to get gasoline for your cars. Some people can store some extra gas or they can keep their cars at least half full in their gas tanks all the time. The one world people can shut down your economy by turning off your electricity or stopping your oil shipments. When your electricity is off, you will have problems keeping warm in the winter, and you will not be able to pump any gas, or make transactions at the bank. If a war is started in the Middle-East, you could possibly see a stoppage of your oil shipments, and gas would be hard to obtain. If you cannot get more gas, you could only drive with what gas you have on the way to your refuge. Then when the gas runs out, you will have to bring along your bicycles for the rest of your transportation to My refuges. I have asked you to have some working bicycles with a pump for just this emergency of not being able to obtain gas to run your car. Be prepared for no electricity.”

David said: “I want to thank you for calling on me to share my words with you, and when you asked me to intercede for some couples to conceive children. I am happy to greet my parents, my sisters, and my nieces and nephews. I have Mary with me and we are thankful for even the short life that we experienced in this world. We are watching over all of you as you struggle through life’s trials. We pray for you daily as we petition Jesus to give you the grace that you need to accomplish your mission. You have a blessed mission to prepare souls for the coming tribulation. You have made your own preparations, and you are a living example to all who are listening to your words from Jesus.”