Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, King Solomon had great wisdom as a gift that he chose from Me. The Queen of Sheba verified his wisdom, and she brought him gold and spices as a tribute. The servants and people of his court were dressed beautifully to add to the majesty of the king. Many of these clothes took much labor to make in his day. In today’s world your cloth is made by modern looms, and your garments are put together with cheap labor overseas. Even as you dress yourselves to have a good appearance on the outside, many people are not as concerned with how their souls appear to Me on the inside. In the Gospel I made a note of how people are not defiled by how they eat food, but they defile themselves by how evil comes from their heart into their actions. This again is why My people need to concern themselves more with keeping their souls clean by proper behavior according to My Commandments. Your soul’s appearance in grace is more important than your nice clothes or how you follow earthly customs. Keep your focus on loving Me and your neighbor, and you will have a pure soul. Keep your soul pure also with frequent Confession to remove any tarnish from your sins.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have told My faithful that My angels will put a shield of invisibility around you to protect you from the evil ones on your way to My refuges. Let Me explain this in a little more detail. You will have various authorities searching for you, but they will not be able to detect your car or you inside. Those, who have chips in the body, will be on the evil one’s side, and they will not be able to detect you either. My faithful, who have crosses on their foreheads, will be able to see each other. Even if the gas runs out in your car, you will be able to continue on with your bikes that you will store in your car. As you ride your bike or walk, these evil ones will still not be able to detect you. This shield is a protection both on the way to My refuges, and once you arrive at My refuges. Be grateful for My angel protection so you will not need physical weapons for any killing. Rejoice that you will be protected from those who want to kill you in their death camps. Love everyone, even your enemies, and pray for the conversion of sinners before it is too late.”