Wednesday, February 6, 2008: (Ash Wednesday)

Jesus said: “My people, the people of Nineveh, including the king, put on sackcloth and ashes as a sign of repentance for their sins, and I spared the city of its destruction. As you receive your ashes as an outward sign of the beginning of Lent, you also should be repenting for your sins as well. If your country of America also repented of your sins as Nineveh did, then you would not face My wrath as you will be seeing over time. This outward sign of ashes should also be followed with more prayer and fasting between meals. You should also be more mindful of helping others with your time and donations. You are so conscious of your outward appearance to others, but you should be looking into each other’s hearts to share the love of My Gospel every day, and not just on Ash Wednesday. Look into the appearance of your soul to Me, and have your sins cleansed in Confession to make your soul look white and pure before Me. Lent is a wonderful opportunity to improve your spiritual life, so work hard on areas that need improvement.”

Jesus said: “My people, lighthouses along the shore are a safeguard for ships in storms at sea. The statue of My Blessed Mother by the lighthouse is a safety for souls when she protects you from the trials of life with her mantle. She is joined with Me in putting My Light into the darkness of sin in the world so souls can find their way home to Me. Our love and our protection reaches out to every soul open to receive My graces. We do not force our love on you, but you are receiving our invitation to know and love us. You have been witnessing some severe tornadoes that have caused some deaths. You can place blessed medals, scapulars, and blessed salt around your home, and you will have protection from any storms in your area. You have seen many miracles of houses spared damage that have blessed sacramentals and statues of My Blessed Mother or of My Sacred Heart in their houses. This physical protection is a witness, but our spiritual protection from demons and evil people, will be even more important to saving your souls. Continue your daily rosaries and daily Masses to keep on the right path to heaven and gain fruit in your Lenten Season. Give praise to Me and honor to My Blessed Mother for watching over our children.”