Wednesday, February 3, 2010: (St. Blaise)

Jesus said: “My people, I know this life is difficult to endure physically with your aches and pains, and spiritually with your daily confrontation with the devil’s temptations. But I give you My graces in My sacraments and the Mass. You also have the Scriptures in the Bible to follow and imitate My life. All of your struggles on earth are focused on your desire to one day be with Me in heaven where there is constant love, peace, and the absence of evil. You have to suffer a purification of your earthly desires either here on earth or in purgatory. Those, who refuse to accept Me and give in to Satan and pleasures, risk losing their soul for all eternity in the flames of hell. So I ask you to have your soul prepared every day to meet Me at your judgment. By having a soul cleansed of sin through My forgiveness in Confession, you will truly be pure and ready to meet Me. In near death situations or at the Warning, you will have a mini-judgment and you will be given a second chance to save your soul. But at death you will face a judgment to heaven, purgatory, or hell. Work to be worthy of being with Me in the joy of heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, in previous messages I have advised you to leave for your refuges under cover of night. In general I will give you enough warning to leave so you can wait to leave at night. Certain people may wait too long after My warning to leave, and it is these people that may need to leave in the daytime when they see the men in black pulling people out of their homes. If you leave at night, you could take your vehicle to travel. If the evil ones are coming close, then you may have to leave on foot or with bicycles out of your back doors. This is a message of clarification for the recent vision on leaving in the daylight. This is another example of leaving when I tell you to leave or you could risk being captured and martyred for your faith. Once you are well down the road to My refuges, then your angels will shield you by making you invisible to your persecutors. Give praise and thanks to Me for protecting you and providing for your needs.”