Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, in the Old Testament you remember how Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire and brimstone for their unforgiving sinful lifestyles. Today, you are seeing in the first reading how I relented of the destruction of Nineveh because they repented and put on sackcloth and ashes. These are My examples of justice and mercy. You also have a gift of the Holy Spirit called ‘fear of the Lord’ which is really a fear of going to hell for wrongdoing. There are two ways to avoid going to hell. The first is more desirable in that you want to love Me and not offend Me by sin. If you really love someone, then you would work to do everything out of love for that person. So it is by loving Me and your neighbor that you will then be worthy of heaven. St. Paul said without love, all that you do is as nothing. The second way to heaven is to do things so you will not be judged to hell. Fear of hell is a real concern since I have shown you how people in hell in their soul bodies are ugly, have a constant burning of flames, are tormented by the demons, and most of all they will not see My face or love again for all eternity. Seeing how souls suffer in hell should be an incentive for My evangelists to bring as many souls as possible to heaven so those souls can avoid hell. But do not deny either of these ways to heaven out of love or out of fear of hell. If you focus on loving Me and your neighbor, then you know that I will save you from hell.”

Mary said: “My dear parents, this scene in the vision of when I was miscarried and died, was a very traumatic moment for my mother. I want to greet my parents and my sisters because I am up in heaven with David, my brother, who also died after a short life. We are praying for all of you up here. You often wondered what was causing the strange noises upstairs as if someone was walking upstairs. This is where I died and I was giving you some signs, but you did not connect this with my death. I was happy that you asked for my name and honored me at Norbert’s farm. You could honor me even more if you could frame this message with my name ‘Mary Leary’ and place it next to my brother David’s picture. I know this message may be difficult to hear and understand, but I have been waiting for the right moment to share my feelings of love for all of you. Remember us as your children who are always ready to intercede for you in your prayers. David already has brought about some beautiful miracles. So when you pray to David, think of me also.”