Wednesday, February 17, 2010: (Ash Wednesday)

Jesus said: “My people, as you receive your ashes today, let this be a beneficial Lent in helping your spiritual life. Not everyone honors this time as a chance to purify your soul with self-denial and penances. You may have chosen to do some extra prayers or give something up during Lent. In all that you do for Lent, bear your suffering in silence without complaining of any of your fasting. As you offer up your prayers, fasting and alms to Me, let your weak family members or friends be your intentions to help their faith to be saved. You all need to help each other, not only in worldly needs, but in spiritual needs as well. Be persistent in your prayers and do not give up on any soul, regardless of how sinful that person may be. You may not know it, but they may be searching, and you could be the beacon of faith that they are looking up to. You have seen even how anxious the souls in heaven are to help their loved ones here on earth. So as you are trying to improve your own spirituality, keep working to evangelize all souls, and especially your own family members.”

(Hunter Funeral Mass) Jesus said: “My people, the readings and songs, that were chosen, were well chosen for a child’s funeral. I truly love the children and cared for them even when I was on the earth. I have told everyone that you need to have the innocent faith of a child if you wish to enter heaven. I also frowned on those people who abused My little ones, especially by killing them. Many people, that have abortions, do not realize that they are killing their children, and this action is just as serious a crime as if they killed a child already born. Every soul has to make an accounting of their actions before Me at their judgment. But let Me be the judge and do not judge people on your own. Pray for the family that has had to endure this hardship of the loss of this young boy.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are starting another Lenten Season on this Ash Wednesday. One of your Lenten penances is almsgiving or donations to the poor and needy. When you tithe ten per cent of your income to charity and support of My Church, you are storing up real treasure in heaven. Some people place more trust in their riches than they do in My helping them through prayer. They think that gold, money, and stocks are going to provide them food and all of their needs. These things of the world can be stolen, lost, or lose their value, and then what will you rely on for your survival. Put your trust in Me and I will never let you down, especially once you come to My refuges. During Lent you can give your prayers and time to help people spiritually, as well as physically with money donations. Keep your focus on Me in retreats and your Lenten devotions, and you will keep close to Me in your souls. Giving up something that you like to do is another penance along with your fasting that can help you fight against sin by training the body to keep its desires under control. Be persistent throughout the whole of Lent in your chosen penances so you can have more self-control in dealing with your temptations.”