Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013: (Ash Wednesday)
Jesus said: “My people, as you receive your ashes on your forehead, this reminds you of your body’s mortality, but it has a deeper spiritual meaning. The beginning of Lent should focus more on your death to sin and your denial of self to all of those earthly desires that lead to sin. There are many addictions to drink, to drugs, to cigarettes, to overeating, and in lust for sex in sinful situations. Lent is a time to examine if you are being controlled by anything that leads you into sin or near occasions of sin. It is also a time to do some soul searching so you can work on preventing the sins that you commit most often. This may start with having a properly formed conscience so you do not rationalize your actions into not being sinful, or minimizing any mortal sins as being venial sins. You should make a plan, as I have been suggesting, so you can offer up a penance as you do with avoiding sweets and desserts. You could give up anything else that you enjoy, just so that desire does not control you. You could do some extra spiritual reading, some extra prayers, daily Mass, or more visits to My tabernacle. The point of your efforts is to put more of your focus on Me than on your earthly things. As you think of the day of your own passing, you should think of how you are going to answer for your life at your particular judgment. Now is an acceptable time to improve your spiritual life so you will be more pleasing to Me with a pure soul as when you come to Me in Confession.”

Jesus said: “My people, your country imports a large amount of oil from various countries that provide crude oil for your refineries to make your gasoline. Occasionally, you see oil spills from oil tankers or ships that run aground. You could even see spills from refinery fires or sabotaged oil lines. You have seen an increase in your natural gas supplies with your latest fracking of your oil shale. This is why your natural gas price has declined. Your country could be energy independent with your current technology. Be thankful that your oil and gas providers have been successful in providing for your needs. A cheap supply of energy can help America in restoring some of its foreign job losses. Pray that your country can manage these new supplies of energy so everyone can benefit from this new found wealth.”