Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, there are times when certain people criticize My judgments or My Father’s judgments. Is it that Our ways are not fair, or rather is it that man’s ways are not fair? It is man’s idea of how severe your punishment for sin should be. But who is man to make any judgments of Our actions? We truly love all of our creatures, and the angels as well. We have made man and the angels in Our image so that you have been given free will to love Us or not. The devil and the demons rejected Us, and hell was created as a punishment for them. I want all of you to love Me for who I am, and not for whom you want Me to be. I love you for who you are, despite your imperfections. I even love you unconditionally. So do not criticize My judgments, because they are just and fair, if you knew the whole picture. I ask you to imitate My Father’s perfection, and not to criticize it. Just as the demons chose to reject Me, many souls reject Me also, and they will find the same punishment in hell for their lack of love. Your life here is to imitate My love in loving Me and your neighbor as yourself. It is not man’s place to make judgments even of Me, but I am the only One who should judge souls. Live a life of love, and you will be fulfilling the reason that you were put here on this earth, to know, love and serve Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, you remember the Gospel when the Sea of Galilee had a large storm on it that tossed the boat about, and My apostles were frightened. In panic they woke Me from My sleep, and I calmed the sea. Even today, My people are seeing many storms and earthquakes that are killing people. In the vision you saw yourself tossed about by waves against a small boat. You may face trials and persecution for spreading My message of hope in My refuges, and in My faithful leaving their homes. Your message is not an easy one, but as the events occur leading up to the Antichrist’s reign, more people are being forced to accept what you are warning them about. Be grateful that I am giving you the grace and My angels to defend you in My work for souls. Trust in Me and I will calm the waters of your physical trials, and your spiritual battles with the evil ones.”