Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, life for the monks can be cold at times in the winter when they only have wood stoves to keep warm. This is why they wear their hoods more in the winter. You have seen movies of their life which is very often in silence during the week and some talking on Sunday. They either cut up wood or use coal for their heaters. Life for the monks is very simple, yet prayerful. When you watch their lives, you realize how much time people waste on their earthly distractions. Many times you are curious about the latest news, but usually they report on wars, killings, and weather disasters. Other times you are curious about the presidential candidates or the latest entertainment events and movies. Sports, sitcoms, and police stories are on many of your TV channels. Make enough time in your life for Me, because your prayer life is very important for your spiritual destiny. Let the monks quiet contemplative prayer be an example for you to follow, especially in Advent.”