Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014: (St. Francis Xavier)
Jesus said: “My son, I am showing you how many saints and missionaries have been sent out, like My apostles, to spread My Word of the Gospel to all the nations. Today, you and My other messengers of the end times have a different mission. Not only are you spreading My Word wherever you go, but you are like St. John the Baptist as you prepare the way for My second coming. Your message is the same, to have people repent and be saved in their souls before it is too late. You also are preparing people for My coming Warning experience, which needs frequent Confession to have a pure soul to avoid any mini-judgment to hell. You also are preparing people to be ready to leave their homes to come to My refuges of protection. Preparing people for the end times, is not an easy message, but it is better than not being prepared at all. You have told people how some faithful are already building refuges, and it would be wise to have backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags ready to leave for My refuges, when I give you the word to leave. Other messengers are receiving messages about refuges, so you are not alone. My messengers need to keep a good prayer life, and visit Me at Mass and Adoration so they can keep close to Me, and continue their missions. Trust in My Word, and be prepared for the coming tribulation of the Antichrist.”

Jesus said: “My people, because of your current fracking methods and crude oil from Canada, you are seeing more train cars carrying crude oil. There are volatile portions of crude oil that are very flammable, and this scene in the vision is what can happen in crashes when flames erupt. There have been plans to ship crude oil via the Keystone Pipeline so it can be refined in the South. The President and the Senate have blocked this for many years. Soon there will be a chance to take some of the crude oil off of the trains, when a pipeline could be used. America is coming close to energy independence, as there is a price war over oil between the large suppliers. Even the coal situation is becoming a problem if it is over regulated by your President. Much of your electricity is produced by coal, and only a few coal plants have been converted over to natural gas. America needs electricity for its homes and businesses, so there is a conflict with power plants and environmental regulations. Pray for your country that you will be able to have cheap fuels for heating and running your country’s economy.”