Wednesday, December 3, 2008: (St. Francis Xavier)

Jesus said: “My people, the Gospel reading of My multiplying the loaves and fishes is a sign of My compassion for the crowd, but it is also a symbol of My sharing My Eucharist with My disciples at the Last Supper. After My Resurrection My disciples recognized Me in the ‘Breaking of the Bread’. At every Mass I am multiplied as the bread and wine are consecrated into My Body and Blood. In Holy Communion you share in My Real Presence of My Blessed Sacrament. When you have Me with you sacramentally, you gain graces to heal all of your old wounds from your sins. Even more so in the coming tribulation I will be multiplied among you as My angels will give you Holy Communion if you cannot attend a Mass. I will also multiply your physical food and your dwellings so all of your needs will be cared for as I will protect you from the evil ones. Rejoice that I am always with My faithful as you obey My Commandments and give worship to Me, especially on Sunday.”