Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, most people know the normal course of giving birth, but you had two special means of birth that were carried out according to My plan. My birth occurred through the intercession of the Holy Spirit that did not require relations with St. Joseph. The birth of St. John the Baptist occurred miraculously, even though both parents were advanced in years passed normal childbearing years. Both of these births were foretold by the angel Gabriel where one was believed in faith, while the other was questioned. It is a miracle every time a baby is born, even in the normal course of relations. That is why you should be overjoyed to bring new life into the world instead of even thinking of killing the unborn. Once you see a baby that is so innocent, how could you think of killing such a little one? It is your death mentality and little regard for life that has created your death culture. If your society treated life as precious in all of your activities, games, and movies, then you would not even think of killing anyone. Yet, Satan has crept into all of your activities to encourage death and insensitivity to killing people. My people need to be more loving and accepting of new life as a true miracle that it is.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of aborted babies is very similar to the carnage that was seen by the police when they entered the school in Newtown, Connecticut. Many are in deep sorrow because of this event, and you are seeing the funeral services. Where are the funeral services for all the babies that have been aborted? Just as you could imagine this gunmen shooting these defenseless children, so you can see a doctor killing a defenseless baby in the womb. The result is the same, that more children are being murdered. The irony is how the killing in the womb is allowed by your country’s laws, but other killings are against the law. Some people were saying that these mass killings occur every few weeks, but they are not in the press. Abortions are occurring almost daily and millions of babies are killed every year. Pray for the stoppage of abortion and these mass killings.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you several messages about how the one world people, through your military, have used the HAARP machine to cause earthquakes and bad weather. The HAARP machine is a billion watt microwave machine in Alaska that is controlled by your military as a secret weapon. There are signs when people monitor the power surges from this machine when it is turned on. When you see stripped cloud formations and colors in the sky like an aurora borealis, then you could see major earthquakes after this. When you had earthquakes in China, Haiti, Chile, and Japan, people have reported these cloud formations and colors right before the earthquakes happened. Be alert to those who monitor this machine’s activity, because they could signal the next major earthquake or some severe storm. The one world people are using these events to kill people, and cause fear and chaos for their takeover. Pray for My protection from these evil ones who are using science to serve their evil purposes.”