Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, this message today is all about new birth in both the readings and the birth of the new Era of Peace. The first reading spoke of an unusual birth of Samson, and the second reading of a miraculous birth of St. John the Baptist when his parents were beyond normal child bearing age. This is a foreshadowing of My own birth which was another miraculous birth from a virgin by the power of the Holy Spirit. My birth was a fulfillment of the Scriptures from Ahaz that a virgin would give birth to a son who would be called Emmanuel. (Isaiah 7:10-14) You are all preparing even now for the feast of My birth on Christmas. This is a joyous time of My peace, even among your premeditated wars of the rich. The evil ones will have a short reign of evil, but I will come and destroy them all and cast them into hell. Then I will renew the earth and bring about My true peace in the Era of Peace. It will be at that time that I will bring down the New Jerusalem on earth. This vision of a beautiful glowing city shows the Light of the city in all of its glory, even during the night time. Rejoice at this feast of Christmas and My New Jerusalem that will usher in My Era of Peace.”