Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, when St. John the Baptist’s disciples were asking if I was the Messiah, I gave witness to him of the healing of the blind, the deaf, the lame, and even the dead being raised. These were the prophecies given of when the Redeemer would come, so St. John would recognize these signs. Even in today’s world you are still seeing conversions to the faith, and some healings are seen, as well as some exorcisms. My gifts are shared with those who believe, and those that I have given special missions. These miracles are signs for the unbelievers and confirmations to those who serve Me. Most healings of the body are combined with healings of the soul. Many are healed who believe that I can heal them. The most important healing is in saving souls from hell. That is why My evangelists are doing the best service to people that can be done for them. Believe in My Good News, and you will have rest and peace in your soul.”

Jesus said: “My people, your snowfall from lake effect squalls has been heavy already, and it will continue for some time during your winter season. It is one thing to deal with snow storms, but you may also have to deal with another flu season. Your seasonal flu viruses tend to spread when the weather is cold. During the summer these viruses die off before they can infect someone. I have warned you that the one world people will use pandemic viruses in order to reduce the population. Since these viruses survive better in the cold, then they would most likely spread such viruses in the winter by using chemtrails. I will warn you when it is the right time to leave for My refuges. If you come to My refuges soon enough, you will be healed of all sicknesses by looking on My luminous cross or by drinking the spring water. By being at My refuges, the evil ones will not be able to capture you or be able to put microchips in your body. Rejoice that I will protect you and feed you what you need to survive. You will also have My angels feed you My daily Eucharist, and with priests present, you could have Confession of your sins. I will be healing your body and your soul just as I healed the whole body when I was among My people.”