Wednesday, December 12, 2007: (Feast of Our Lady of Guadeloupe)

Mary said: “My dear children, I am happy to see all of my children of Betania and my pilgrims rejoicing at Mass on my feast day of Guadeloupe. Your singing and your prayers are very effective in sharing your love with all of heaven. All the saints in heaven and Maria are encouraging you in all of your efforts to save souls. This darkness in the sky in the vision represents the sins of mankind and your weak faith in the Word of my Son, Jesus. The worst of these sins are your abortions of the unborn. I am the patron of the unborn as I appeared to Juan Diego as a mother pregnant with my Son and your Savior. This miracle of the roses and my Guadeloupe image on the tilma is a message of hope for my children to stop your abortions and hold life up as a precious gift, too valuable to kill. Many of your life’s problems are brought on yourselves by supporting the death culture of abortions, euthanasia, wars, and senseless killings. Continue to stand up to your society and fight to save the lives of the unborn. Continue to send letters against this death culture to your government representatives, protest abortions at the clinics, counsel the women contemplating abortion, and pray for these mothers and doctors to stop taking away this innocent life. If you refuse to fight abortion in some way, then you are committing one of the greatest sins of omission that there is. I love all of my children, and especially the innocent unborn little ones. My Son also loves the children, so do not kill his little ones.”