Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday, August 7, 2013: (St. Cajetan)
Jesus said: “My people, I have told you many times that there would be a division coming in My Church that would separate a schismatic church from My faithful remnant. This schismatic church will be teaching New Age principles that are not of Me. One of the other signs of these evil ones will be their disbelief in My Real Presence in My consecrated Hosts. Eventually, when the evil ministers, pictured in the vision, begin to change the words of Consecration, then I will not be present because it will not be a proper Consecration. You saw how the people of the time of Moses grumbled against Me for not trusting in My protection. As a result, that generation died in the desert over forty years as a punishment for their disbelief. Now today, those people, who follow this schismatic church, will also suffer a punishment for not believing in My Real Presence, and for not following the beliefs of My apostles. I am warning My faithful to leave these heretical churches of the New Age, which are worshiping things instead of Me. The demons are being allowed this split in My Church, but My faithful remnant will have to go underground in private Masses. Trust in Me that I will guard My faithful at My refuges because this schismatic church will be in league with the Antichrist. Pray that My followers will understand the evil in their midst, so they will not be deceived by these evil ministers. I will not allow the gates of hell to prevail over My faithful remnant.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you leave for My refuges, you could be traveling at night in your vehicle. One of the needs for your trip would be a windup flashlight so you could see at night, and you would not have to depend on batteries. It may take several days to reach the nearest refuge. You may want to sleep in your vehicle overnight, and you could use your flashlight once the car is turned off. If you need to sleep in your tent in sleeping bags, you also could use a flashlight in the dark. Having a light is symbolic of how I lead you, as I am the Light of the world. I am the Light that disperses the darkness, and I heal your sins that darken your soul. Stay close to My Light in your good deeds, and you will be led on the path to heaven. My faithful souls can lead other souls to follow My Light, so they can be saved as well. Keep praying for the salvation of souls, especially for those souls in your own family.”