Wednesday, August 6, 2008: (Transfiguration)

Our Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, you are seeing two statues now of my statue of the Reconciler in the grotto, and my statue of Lourdes in the courtyard. This is a parallel to the two titles in your group focused on Mary Our Mother (MOM), and the Betania IV group which is linking you with my Shrine in Betania. One of my titles is not more important than the other because I am your same Blessed Mother under any title. Today, on this feast of my Son’s Transfiguration, I have blessed all of my children with over fifteen appearances of my blue butterfly. Your rosary and songs are much appreciated in heaven, and so you were having your reward in these appearances. If you missed one of these fleeting blue butterflies, you had plenty of opportunities to see the other ones. So many appearances are also a message of love to my Bianchini Family who are continuing Maria Esperanza’s work. So many blue butterfly appearances is an extraordinary appearance to also indicate that I will be sending more graces of protection for all the pilgrims who come to my Shrine in Betania. I love all of my children so much, and you receive extra graces for making your effort to come and honor me in this shrine in your pilgrimage. You suffered some inconveniences, but you received many rewards today from me and my Son, Jesus. Every time that I draw you to myself, I in turn bring you to my Son in His Eucharist.”