Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday, August 5, 2015: (Dedication of Mary Major Basilica)
Jesus said: “My people, you need to realize that all of your actions have consequences. In order to carry out your actions, you need to make free will decisions. I can see the intention in your hearts for all that you act out, so you cannot hide your true intentions from Me. Once the Israelites scouted the Promised Land, they noticed that the cities were well fortified, and the people there, looked like giants. The scouts were afraid to fight the people on the land, so they spread rumors among the Israelites that they should not fight the giants. Since the Israelites chose not to fight the giants, God the Father punished them for forty years in the desert until those, who refused to fight, had died. Moses also could not enter the Promised Land because he struck the rock twice instead of once to have water. In this first reading, you are seeing how I am so offended when you disobey My commands, and when you lack faith that I can defeat your enemies. You need to remember that I am more powerful than the evil ones, and that I can do the impossible in your eyes. The Israelite scouts defied the wishes of God the Father, and they were punished severely. I love My people, but there are consequences for your sinful behavior. You can come to Me in Confession to seek My forgiveness. If you violate My laws, and refuse to seek My forgiveness, then you too, will be treated severely, as the Israelites were. It is better to choose to follow My commands, and you will have your reward in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, even though chipped cards have advantages for inventory purposes, their main purpose is to have control over data, and even giving people’s location. Your chips are similar to your cell phones in that they are linked to your satellites and cell towers. It is one thing to have chipped cards with a choice to use it or not. It is another thing to be forced to have chipped credit cards. These chips also enable tracking of your cards by satellite. Some hackers can steal your information off of your smart card, just walking by you with a reader. If you put aluminum foil around your card, then you will be protected from hackers and satellites tracking you. When you need your card for a transaction, then you pull it out of its protection. You return it to your foil wrap after your transaction is done. None of these chipped devices will work at My refuges. Unfortunately, these chipped cards are the forerunner for the chip in the hand. Refuse to take any chips in your hand because this is the mark of the beast, and it will control your free will. Do not let the evil ones control you, no matter how much they threaten you. By remaining faithful to My Word, then My faithful will have their reward. Those people, who accept the chip in the body for their own needs, could see increased control over their lives. Follow My instructions at My refuges, and you will have all of your needs satisfied, and My angels will protect you.”