Wednesday, August 5, 2009: (Dedication of Mary Major Basilica)

Jesus said: “My people, after some of Moses’ people scouted the Promised Land, they were fearful of the inhabitants who seemed like giants. Because of this fear, they did not want to follow God’s lead into the Promised Land. Because of their lack of faith in My power, the Israelites were punished forty years in the desert for their forty days of scouting. This is the opposite response of the foreign woman in the Gospel. By her faith in My power I healed her daughter who was possessed by a demon. You see the contrast between people who have faith in Me and those who do not. I could not perform miracles in My home town because of their lack of faith in Me as well. This is true for everyone, in that you must have faith in Me in order for Me to use you for the mission that I have planned for your life. If you follow your own will instead of following My Will, then without faith I cannot use you for your mission. It is the openness of your heart that is required for My miracles to work through you. Follow Me, therefore, just as I asked My disciples to follow Me in faith.”
Jesus said: “My people, during the tribulation, the evil ones will capture some of My faithful, and they will use public execution to try and force the people to obey them. Some will be killed by Guillotine to make them examples of what happens to those who disobey the Antichrist. These brave souls would rather give up their lives than deny their faith. Those, who are not captured, will find their way to My refuges because they will trust in Me to take care of them. Know, that once you see the Antichrist come to power, I will soon come to defeat the evil ones. This is My promise that all evil will be defeated, and My Kingdom will reign all over the earth.”