Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, the scouts that Moses sent into the promised land showed the fruits of this land of milk and honey. They also witnessed a people that looked like giants, and the scouts spread their fears among the people. Because these people did not want to follow Moses into the promised land, they were condemned by Me not to enter this land. By the forty days that they scouted the land, now this generation of Jews would remain in the desert for forty years because they did not have faith in the Lord’s power. You know that all things are possible for Me, even to defeat more powerful enemies. This is a lesson for all My people that you need to trust Me in even impossible situations. I have been warning My people of today in My messages that the time of tribulation is drawing close when the Antichrist will declare himself for a brief reign. I have asked some people to prepare refuges and store some food and water for the coming famine. By trusting in Me, I will be providing your protection from the evil ones by the shield of My angels who will make you invisible to your enemies. I will be fighting for you so you will not need weapons for killing. I will also multiply your food that you have put aside so everyone will have enough to eat. When I multiplied the bread and fish for the 5,000 and the 4,000, you saw how generous I was as they collected seven and twelve baskets of fragments. So trust in My power always which is greater than all of the evil ones combined.”

Jesus said: “My people, many of you have painted your basement walls to avoid water seepage and mold formation. Your dehumidifiers allow you to have a moisture free basement. I am showing you this picture of a basement as an ideal storage place for your food. Some people have even built racks for this purpose. When you see signs of recession and currency weakness, some of your investors have sought out bonds or gold and silver for safe havens. The best haven is to have some food storage in a mix of dried food, MREs, and some recycled canned foods. If you are out of work or have little money, at least a modest food supply could keep you eating for some years with some rationing. Your biggest need will be for water, so some water storage for drinking and water from rain barrels for washing would be prudent. I have asked My refuge builders to have an independent water supply, some food to be multiplied, and some bedding places to be multiplied. You may need some food for the famine that will start before you come to My refuges. By being a wise virgin in being prepared, you will be ready when the end times get difficult. I thank all of My faithful for listening and responding to My advice. The most important preparation is that of your soul by frequent Confession. This is why you need My protection from the evil ones at My refuges where I will feed your body and your soul. Trust in Me and My angels to defend you.”