Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012: (Queenship of Mary)
Mary said: “My dear children, today’s feast of my Queenship is an appropriate time that follows my feast of my Assumption into heaven body and soul. In the vision you are seeing my coronation as Queen that you honor in the Fifth Glorious Mystery of the rosary that you pray every day. My Son, Jesus, has blessed me with this honor for being his mother and being faithful to Him with a sinless life. He is the One who prepared me for this time in history that would allow Him to be incarnated as a God-man. Jesus is the fulfillment of all the promises of a Redeemer who would save His people. Give praise and glory to my Son who offers eternal salvation to every soul who accepts Him and repents of his or her sins. I also want to thank your publisher, Queenship Publishing, for adopting this feast of mine in their name, and I thank them for all their work that they do in bringing souls to my Son.”

Jesus said: “My people, I told parables to the people, but many times I would explain the hidden meaning to My apostles. In the parable the owner of the vineyard sent workers out to work at all hours of the day. The surprise in this story was that the owner gave each worker the same wage no matter how many hours they worked. In a financial sense the workers did not understand the difference between generosity and a fair wage by the hour. The hidden meaning in this story is more about saving your soul than about money received for work. The generosity of My justice is that if a soul repents of their sins even on their death bed at the last hour, they can still be saved from hell. I would just encourage people to come to Me now, because you could die suddenly without a chance to repent.”