Wednesday, August 20, 2008: (St. Bernard)

Jesus said: “My people, I have created the angels, and all of mankind over the years. In every angel and every person there are varying levels of being, but they all are directed to follow Me, even though they have free will. In other words some angels are greater than others, but they are all fulfilling their missions with their individual powers. It is similar for mankind. All persons have specific missions and are given the capability with My grace to fulfill those missions. Some persons are greater than others in being and their missions, but more is expected from those with greater gifts. Whatever you have been called to do, strive with My grace and prayer to carry it out the best that you can. Even if you have a greater mission than someone else, you are all equal in My eyes, and carrying out your mission means that you are only doing your duty as My servant. Be humble in following My Will, and do not boast, even if you have a greater mission than someone else. All of My saints felt unworthy of any praise, and they only wanted to give all the glory to Me. So do not brag of any of your accomplishments, but give all the thanks to Me for accomplishing things through you as an instrument of Mine. Give praise and glory to Me for all that I am accomplishing through My angels and through all of humanity.”
Jesus said: “My people, if there is not enough rainwater in an area, fresh water could be hard to obtain for drinking and for growing crops. There is plenty of water in the oceans, but distilling the salt water could be expensive for the energy needed. Some companies are looking into the lower cost of using membranes to convert ocean salty water into potable water. Where there are desert conditions and ocean water nearby, such conversions may become necessary for survival. Be thankful if you have a ready source of fresh water because it is more precious where fresh water is hard to obtain. Even farmers have problems irrigating their fields with enough well water when the well level of water gets low during droughts. Pray for adequate rainfall, and that dry countries will be successful in treating ocean water into fresh water.”