Wednesday, August 19, 2009: (St. John Eudes)

Jesus said: “My people, My abundant graces are always available to cleanse your sins and to focus you more on following My ways than man’s ways. Man’s ways of justice can lead you to revenge and anger as in today’s Gospel when each person received the same pay for varying hours of work. I used this parable to show how generous I am that I will accept people into heaven no matter which hour of life they make their conversion. I ask you to love everyone equally without any discrimination, even your enemies. I ask you to go beyond what is expected of you to be as generous as I am. By sharing your time and money with others, you will store up treasure in heaven for your judgment. By evangelizing souls in the faith, you can help save souls from hell. By your kindness and charity, you will even be joyful in your contribution to help someone. Try to think and reason as I do, more than how man thinks, and you will be perfecting your soul.”
Jesus said: “My people, in the future missions for the circling space station, man will be using this for a fueling station for missions to the moon and Mars. These extra fuel tanks of hydrogen and oxygen can be used to move the station out of the path of large objects. It can also be used as a fuel cell for electricity to produce water as a by-product. Space science research has uncovered many uses for everyday earth life. Be grateful that you are able to learn more about your solar system and the stars through all of your research with space satellites. When you are not focused on wars to make new weapons, you can use your space science to extend your knowledge of My creations. Your scientists should focus more on practical uses of space than trying to change the DNA of plants and animals. Accept My creation as perfect and stop trying to change it.”