Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, this vision of traveling through a dark tunnel symbolizes how people are tested in this life to see if they can endure the trials of life and come to Me in faith. This story of the owner of the vineyard reminds people that you can still be saved until the last hour, but do not play brinkmanship with your eternal soul. There are a fair number of people that do not even acknowledge Me in their lives. I am ignored which is even worse than those who hate Me. It is these lukewarm souls who need the most attention to wake them up to My existence. Because these people think they can do everything for themselves, they do not see all the gifts that I have given them. My faithful need to keep praying for these lukewarm souls so they can come into My Light before they die and not be lost. People need to give Me all the glory for their gifts and accomplishments. Then they would realize how they cannot live without My help. When the workers complained about their wages, this wage was the entrance into heaven. But some souls are rewarded more by being allowed into the higher levels of heaven. I am just in My punishments and My rewards, so no one will feel cheated at My judgment of souls. So do not wait until the last moment to come to Me for forgiveness on your death bed, because you may die suddenly without time to be saved.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the parable of the owner of a vineyard, he went out at various times of the day to hire workers for his vineyard. All the workers received the same daily wage, even those who only worked one hour. Those, who worked the whole day, thought they should have received more than those who only worked for one hour. So they complained to the owner. The owner asked them if they were envious because of his generosity to all the workers. I am truly generous Myself to everyone. To those, who believe in Me and follow My Commandments, I will give abundant graces. I have given My people My most generous gift of all in giving you Myself in My Blessed Sacrament. You can come to Me in Adoration at My tabernacle wherever the door is open to visit Me. All of My daily adorers have a special place in My heart because they have chosen the better portion as Mary, the sister of Lazarus.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a crumbling building is a sign that your American government is crumbling down as well. The biggest reason that your government is failing is because it is not adhering to your original Constitution. Right now the Executive branch is setting up too many czars for various committees outside of the President’s jurisdiction. Even the Congress has usurped its power to declare war and print money with control by the Federal Reserve of central bankers. Congress also is using Reconciliation acts to fund money instead of the normal budget process. Congress is assigning a super committee to find budget cuts when it should be doing this itself. Your people are finally waking up to the fact that your budgets are too heavy into spending when 40% of your budget requires borrowing to balance it. The question becomes: who is going to buy all of this debt? Europe is having the same problem with Italy and Spain. Entitlements are taking too much of your income to finance. America can no longer afford your welfare government handouts. There are many places in the budget that need cutting where there is fraud and agencies that are no longer serving their function. Instead of growing government, you need to be cutting it down in size so your people are not taxed so much to pay for this excessive spending. By returning to balanced budgets as your states do, then your debt would not grow so fast. Lobbyists and the one world people control your representatives in Congress which is why it is hard to pass legislation that helps the people instead of helping special interest groups. Your finances will soon crash, which will allow the evil ones to take over. When you see bankruptcy, martial law, and mandatory chips in the body come, then My faithful will need to leave for My refuges of protection.”