Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a gradual decay in Mass attendance in America along with a decrease in priestly vocations. My faithful remnant will need to have secret Masses in the homes, and eventually in caves, as the early Christians hid in catacombs to avoid being killed. As the persecution of religious people worsens, you will need to call on My angels for protection, and to make you invisible to those trying to kill you. Have no fear of these evil ones because My angels will do battle with the demons and evil people. Eventually, you will be going to My refuges where I will heal all of your infirmities with My luminous cross and My healing springs of water. There I will feed you My Eucharist, water, and meat from the deer that will enter your camps. Trust that you will have protection and all of your needs provided for. When you see the Antichrist come into power, know that My victory is close at hand when you will share in My Era of Peace on a renewed earth.”