Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016: (St. Lawrence)
Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel it speaks about a grain of wheat that can only grow into a plant in the ground unless it dies. This means that each person must die to yourself, in order to give your life over to My service. This is not easy to give control over your life to Me. It means making sacrifices each day which could take you out of your comfort zone to help people. You trust in Me to provide for all of your needs, but sometimes other people depend on you for help. You need to be generous in helping others without being selfish. Remember that all of your donations are storing up treasure in heaven. So do not dismiss someone who is in need, when you can help them. When you help your neighbor, you will be helping Me in them.”

Jesus said: “My people, this thin gold thread represents how delicate and vulnerable your life is on this earth. You may have lived for many years without too many serious threats to your life. Yet, some people have sudden heart attacks, or some have cancer and die in a short time. Your very life can be taken away in a car crash, or an airplane accident. You do not know how long you will live, or how you will die. This is why you have been doing your Masses of reparation for those people who die quickly in natural disasters, without having any preparation time for their judgment. Since you do not know when, or how you will die, it is prudent to come to frequent Confession at least once a month. By having a pure soul as much as you can, then you will be prepared to meet Me at your judgment, whenever I call you home to Me in death. Some souls are lost because they ignored Me in life. Unless a soul accepts Me as Lord of his or her life, it is hard to be saved, except if a prayer warrior is praying for that soul to be saved. Remember how vulnerable your body is to dying, so you can be ready to meet Me with a pure soul.”

Jesus said: “My people, when people die, they see a review of their whole lives with both the good and the bad things that happened in their lives. After this review they are faced with My judgment to heaven, purgatory, or hell. I give every person one last opportunity to love Me as their Savior, and accept Me as their loving God. Those people, who refuse to love Me, and refuse to repent of their sins, are choosing hell by their own free will. Some souls show a spark of love, and they need to be purified in purgatory. Very few souls are holy, or have suffered their purgatory on earth, and are accepted into heaven. There are other life reviews where people have near death experiences, and others will be gifted with My Warning experience with a life review experience. At the Warning all living souls will have a life review outside of time, and outside of their bodies. The mercy of My Warning is that those people will have a second chance to improve their spiritual lives before their death review. These people will have a mini-judgment to see where they would be judged on their life based on their actions. Those people, who may be judged to hell, will have a second chance to improve, but they will experience what hell is like. Those souls, who do not change or improve, once they are back in their bodies, will keep the same judgment as their mini-judgment. After the Warning My faithful will have a chance to convert those souls who are away from Me. So be prepared for your death or My Warning, by having a pure soul with Confession, so you will be ready to meet Me at your judgment.”