Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012: (St. Alphonsus Liguori)
Jesus said: “My people, during the day the sun blots out the stars, and you see a beautiful blue sky. At night with a clear sky, you can see thousands of stars and even distant galaxies with the help of a large telescope. Each star is like your own sun that gives off light from its nuclear furnace. When you study the sun, the planets, and the stars, you see a huge universe that shows you how small the earth is relative to all other celestial bodies. What is unique to earth is the abundance of life with all of its water at the right temperature and the right distance from the sun. Not only is the universe beautiful, but it is hard to comprehend an endless number of stars. Man cannot really understand the true meaning of infinity or eternity because you have little reference of time in this life. Man’s lifetime is fortunate to even reach a hundred years, but this does not even scratch the surface of eternity. Remember your soul is immortal, and it will live on outside of time. You only have two final destinations of either heaven or hell. Once you are judged to one place, your soul will be there for all eternity. Even if you have to suffer in this life, it is worth it to be able to be with Me in heaven forever. You have seen hell, and no one would choose such a horrible eternal destination. Even when people see this possibility at the end of their lives, they will have one last opportunity to love Me and be saved. It is hard to imagine that some souls are so blinded by evil and pleasures that they would choose hell. I desire that all souls would love Me and would want to come to heaven. Those souls, who love Me, will have to suffer much in this life, and they may need to suffer in purgatory to be purified. But the end choice will bring them to the beauty of being with Me in total love for all eternity. This glorious reward is well worth any amount of suffering you may have to suffer to gain heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, the Word of God is represented in this bright light, and it shines on everyone in the room. Do not keep this Word under a bushel basket, but it should be shouted from the rooftops. You know how much My love inspires you, and your soul has its rest in My graces. Only I can bring peace to your soul. It is this experience of faith in Me that you want people to have when they are converted. When you see their faces light up with My love, there is a satisfaction in your soul that you have enabled others to share in your faith experience of loving Me. I send out My missionaries and My faithful to convert souls while there is still time to bring them to Me. You know that some souls are falling into hell, and you want to save as many souls as you can from going to hell. This means you will need to work hard with My graces and My angels to try and snatch as many souls as you can away from the devil. The devil does not give up souls easily, so you need to help renew people’s fire of faith constantly to keep them in the territory of God and away from the devil’s territory. Remember when people will be coming to the judgment day, I and Satan will be claiming souls as our own. When you come before Me, I want to say that you are ‘Mine’.”