Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, there are many miles of uninhabited lands that provide oxygen from the forests and places for wild animals to survive. Man is sprawling out from the cities in seeking places for houses and he is competing with the animals and creeping things for the use of the land. Many animal habitats are being invaded, and only special preserves and parks are protecting certain species of animals. It is man’s pollution of the air and water that is most threatening to My balance of nature. Man’s tampering with hybrids and cloning is another threat to My creation. It is man’s job to be a caretaker of his environment and not an abuser. As your population expands, there is an increasing need for food and fresh water. Man needs to strike a balance between his needs and the needs of nature to be able to pass on this gift to the next generation. Give Me praise and glory for My creation, and thank Me for all that I provide for you on this earth.”