Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, I am the life blood of your spiritual life. Without Me and My Eucharist, you would not have eternal life. It is My death on the cross and My institution of Holy Communion and Confession as sacraments that gives you the grace to enter the open gates of heaven. Because My death on the cross has enabled you to have your sins forgiven, My crucifix should be your greatest remembrance of this gift of life. This is why you should have a large crucifix on every altar of every church. I have paid the ransom price for all of your souls, so looking on My crucifix should help keep you focused on the One who loves you most. When you walk in obedience to My laws and give everything over to Me, you are making a complete commitment to Me in your consecration to Me. It is this total surrender of your heart and soul to Me, and your detachment from worldly things that will lead you on the path to heaven. Just as I gave My life up for you out of love, so you can give your life over to Me out of love for Me. By having Me with you at all times, you will have My peace in your soul that no one else can promise you.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are some people who read a lot of books and they are called book-smart. But unless they apply that knowledge to practical uses, then that person is still smart, but their hands are empty of any deeds. It is the same way with knowing chapter and verse of the Bible or other books as the Catechism. This remains all good knowledge, but you need to put this knowledge into actions and deeds. You may know the Ten Commandments, but you must obey them to show your love for Me. You may know all about My life and how to live from the Gospels, but unless you live your faith or imitate Me in your actions, then this knowledge is not used. Keeping the faith by your actions, and performing good deeds out of love for Me, will gain more treasure for you in heaven. Establishing a true love relationship with your Lord takes a personal commitment that will involve giving your will over to Me so I can fully direct your life on the right path to heaven. Faith and good works therefore are much better than all of your book knowledge of the world or of holy books.”