Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, you have tainted your food with many toxic preservatives, and you have genetically modified many of your crops along with making hybrids. Because of these changes in your food and the polluting of your air and water, you are now seeing a proliferation of many kinds of cancers and other chronic diseases. It is sad to see many people suffering with terminal diseases, and chronic conditions as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and other ailments of pain. My faithful need to pray for these people to have the grace to endure their suffering. Sometimes you may have to be a caretaker for such members of your own family. Do what you can to make them comfortable, and visit the sick to show your concern for their health. This is all the more reason to adjust your diets to eat healthy so you can fulfill your mission.”

(Camille Remacle’s Mass)Camille said: “Hello everyone, every spring I am reminded how much I liked to get out into my garden. I feel sorry for poor Amanda with another broken leg. I will be praying for a successful operation tomorrow. I thank all of you for coming to my Mass intention. Say a special hello to Larisa and John. I am sorry for the loss of her mother. I see a lot of souls moving up and down as some are born, while others leave their bodies in death. Tell Lydia how much I love her, and I thank all of you for helping your mother get around. I still make a couple of visits to encourage people to attend Mass. You can make my work easier if you could encourage those who do not go to Mass to make the extra effort to go. Again, thanks for all the prayers and Masses for me.”

Jesus said: “My people, you currently have a struggle between the cuts of the Republican House and the Democratic Senate. The House passed only a $61 Billion cut out of a $1.3 Trillion deficit, and still the Democrats did not pass it. Two short term resolutions were passed with only $10 Billion in cuts. Now there is talk of another short term bill, but there is still an impasse in the Senate that threatens a government shutdown. Some last minute meetings are taking place, but it may be difficult to get something passed in time to stop a shutdown. This is just the first battle since the next battle will be over Trillions of dollars of cuts for the 2012 budget plan. Another battle will be over raising the National Debt limit. If America cannot get its debt payments under control, then there may be a threat to the dollar or even possible bankruptcy of your financial system. Your major deficits have been caused by wars, this latest bank crisis, and excessive entitlement payments. Without some control over your interest payments, your deficits will become larger than your economy’s production. Pray that your lawmakers can come to a compromise and straighten out your debt payments without a shutdown.”