Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, again in today’s Gospel you read of how Judas betrayed Me for thirty pieces of silver. Not only was I hurt by Judas’ betrayal, but My Blessed Mother was also heart broken to hear that one of My apostles had betrayed Me. The whole time of My capture and My agonizing crucifixion was also a time of suffering for My Blessed Mother. She greeted Me on My way to Calvary as I carried My cross. She was at the foot of My cross and watched Me die. She also held My dead Body, once I was brought down from the cross. This is why you see her looking down and dressed in black in the vision. She was overjoyed to later hear of My Resurrection, and she learned from My apostles about all the events where I appeared to people. My death caused her great sorrow, but she realized the importance of My mission where I had to die for the salvation of souls. Keep praying her rosaries every day so you can help souls as well.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing major deficits in your Federal Budget that is getting worse every year. Even with planned increases in your taxes, there will not be enough new money to balance off the rate of spending on your entitlements. Both individuals and your states are obligated to have balanced budgets. On your home budget, you cannot afford to buy things that your income cannot cover. If your income is limited, then you have to cut back your expenses to fit your income. Your government should be doing the same, but you may be forced into an austerity budget if you cannot pay your debts. You have seen European countries forced onto austerity budgets when they sought loans to pay their debts. Since many countries do not want to invest in low yield Treasury Notes and a big debt, your Federal Reserve is buying most of your debt with artificial worthless bonds. This will eventually force inflation beyond your artificially low interest rates. Your banking system is teetering on bankruptcy if your budgets are not balanced soon. Pray for a solution to your deficits, or a threatened bankruptcy will force My faithful to come to My refuges when martial law is declared.”