Wednesday, April 30, 2008: (St. Pius V)

Jesus said: “My people, you have been seeing serious damage from tornadoes in Virginia, damage from earthquakes in the Middle and West Coast of America, and also wild fires in various places as well. Many of these natural disasters have occurred before, but you already are noticing a steady increase in the numbers and intensities of earthquakes, especially along the West Coast. Many of these disasters have destroyed homes and have displaced people’s jobs. This is why it is necessary to help people find housing, food, and help in rebuilding their homes. You are having financial problems with mortgages, and high food and gas price problems along with your recession. This damage is just compounding these problems. This is why volunteer work to repair things may be needed to help your neighbor because there may not be enough money available to pay for rebuilding. You may be asked to make donations of your time and money to help. Pray for all the people being affected by this damage that they can be provided for in their needs.”
Jesus said: “My people, when the crucifix was displayed in front of the church in the vision, there was a strong faith that kept the traditions. When the crucifix was removed, it represented a loss of tradition, and faith was lost also. The more that the faith is watered down in reverence and traditions, the weaker the people become in their faith. The people need to be inspired by good priests and good prayer habits, along with having a large crucifix on the altar. Once the churches are cleansed of their reverence, then it becomes just a building. It is the belief in My Real Presence that makes My churches holy when I am present in the consecrated Hosts. Give praise and glory to Me in your Adoration hours and rejoice that I am always with you.”