Wednesday, April 29, 2009: (Mario Silva’s funeral)

Jesus said: “My people, you are celebrating the life of Mario who was a man of deep faith as the priest witnessed to you of his proclamation that he will rise again as I did. This vision of books in a library was to emphasize that he treasured My holy books more than any books of his profession. He was an example of faith that everyone could imitate and an inspiration of faith to his family and friends. Rejoice in My gift of his life to you as I take him home to heaven.”
Mario said: “I love all of you and I thank you for sharing your love with my family. I truly blessed each of you individually and I will be praying for all of you. I love my wife and family and I am sorry to leave you, but I await the day to see you again. My proclamation of ‘I will rise again’ has been carried out, as I am with Jesus right now. I encourage all of you in your faith to stay close to Jesus and trust in Him for everything. God bless all of you.”