Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing all of the beautiful spring flowers blooming in your gardens. You also are celebrating the Easter Season and you are My Easter people. This vision of blooming flowers in the pews represents My faithful in the pews when you shine forth with your spiritual works of mercy. You all have the gifts of faith from the Holy Spirit, and you all are called forth to bear fruit in your actions. A flower blooms and it is fulfilling what it is created to do. My people also have a mission to save souls and help people. Doing these good works is what you were created to do as well. You see all of creation and how everything obeys My Will in their purpose of why things and animals were made. See also that My people also need to give their wills over to Me so they can conform to My plan for their lives. This time of Easter is a joyous celebration and you all are giving Me praise and glory for My gift in My death and Resurrection.”

Jesus said: “My people, at times you are troubled in your thoughts about what to expect in life. Even some people allow difficulties in life to draw them into states of depression. Yet when you pray to Me for help and when you come before Me in My tabernacle, I can comfort you in My arms, and you feel loved in My Presence. You have times of joy and times of sorrow when people die or have life threatening diseases or cancer. You need to rely on your daily prayers to lift you out of any depression, and seek My love to comfort you. You always have a friend in Me at your side when you need Me. Those, who are faithful to Me in this life, have My promise of eternal life in heaven. So do not have any fear of things in the future because I always give you enough grace to overcome any of your difficulties. When you are next to a warm fire in your house, or a warm heater in your car, you enjoy the comfort of that warmth. When you are close to Me, you have a spiritual warmth in your heart that gives you comfort to endure anything. Trust in Me that I will take care of you in all of your needs.”