Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this view of a small area for gathering the cattle for slaughter represents how some ranchers are culling their herds because it is getting too expensive to feed them with grains. This same problem is true for chickens and other animals sold for meat. The idea to grow corn to make ethanol is now creating a demand for more corn seed and fertilizer which is competing with food crops for land and seed as well. You are seeing shortages and higher food prices as the cost of fuel to run tractors and ship the produce increases as well. If America is having problems to supply their own food, imagine how the rest of the world is hurting to grow enough food. You keep seeing news articles in the third world of increasing problems with crops and famines. The signs of a coming world famine are all around you. As you see more natural disasters, diseases, and pest problems increase, you could see an increasing risk of a coming world famine. Pray for the hungry people to find enough food, as many will begin dying as a world famine continues.”