Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015:

Jesus said: “My people, you have read of how the Jews stoned St. Stephen to death because of how he taught about Me, and they were no match for his wisdom. Even Saul, before his conversion, was having Christians dragged out of their homes and killed. Despite the persecution and threats to their lives, the apostles, like St. Philip, still went out to proclaim My Good News. The apostles performed miracles of healing and casting out demons, so this enabled them to convert many people to the faith. Eventually, all the apostles, except St. John, were martyred for their faith. Even today, I am asking My faithful to make an effort to convert souls to save as many people from hell as they can. Here in America, you are not yet risking your lives to spread My Good News. It is spiritual apathy that grasps many Christians today. A time is coming when your lives will be threatened, just as Christians are being beheaded in Arab countries. I bless My missionaries and prophets with My grace and protection, so they can spread My Gospel to all the nations. Be willing to support My evangelists in their work with your prayers, and any other support that you can give them.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing sabotage causing a major fire to come at an American refinery in the vision. I have mentioned before that many of your supposed accidents in your energy sources were purposely caused. There are terrorist elements that are seeking to affect your energy sources with sabotage. There is an increasing supply of oil and gas that is making the United States more energy independent. This competition with other countries in their oil supplies has caused an over supply that has resulted in lower gas and oil prices. The lower oil prices are causing layoffs and cutbacks in the number of rigs used, because fracking methods are more expensive to obtain oil. Many oil companies are losing profits due to these lower prices. The one world people are struggling among themselves on where oil prices should be. There are some Arab terrorist elements that are at odds with America becoming more oil independent. Their plans to reduce your energy supplies could be the reason that you may see more disruptions in your gasoline supplies. Be on the alert that you could see more price fluctuations in your gas prices, for several reasons that are all planned by the one world people to control your fuel supplies. Your economy thrives on cheap gas prices, but they may not stay low for long.”