Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, many are looking who to blame for your current credit crisis caused by so many foreclosures on peoples’ mortgages. There is plenty of blame to be spread around to the various factors causing this financial crisis. Those selling the houses tend to build larger houses than are needed at inflated prices. Bankers and brokers were giving mortgages too freely to risky debtors without much concern if it was too much house, or a mortgage that the buyers could not afford, or even could not pay back. Homeowners were either not aware of how much interest they would be paying, or the bank terms were too confusing to tell. Bankers and Wall Street created collateral backed derivatives and sold them to investors without managing their risks properly. Once the people could not pay their increased interest, foreclosures started in large numbers and the inflated home prices dropped substantially, leaving people without homes and investors with big losses on these loans. In the end there was greed for people to own more house than they could afford, and greed for high commissions in sales, and greed in selling risky investments to unsuspecting investors. The real problem comes when the Federal Reserve and your government want to bail out the bankers and brokerage houses with taxpayer money and loan guarantees that may never be collected. There are many cries of injustice to save banks and people who made foolish decisions. The ripples of this crisis are affecting many parts of your economy that could result in a deeper recession than is estimated. This investment crisis has even spread to other countries who invested in these risky mortgage backed investments. This whole problem has uncovered how banks, mortgage lenders, and buyers are too leveraged and over extended in their financial commitments. Once some loans go bad, then there is a cascading of failures that leaves everyone with little or no value in their houses and investments. If your government and banks cannot correct this situation, then you could be looking at a financial crash that could make your country vulnerable to a planned takeover. Prepare for a major displacement of people in their living places and their jobs that could precipitate the beginning tribulation when you will need to leave for your refuges of protection.”
Jesus said: “My people, throughout all of My creation you see various levels of hierarchy among the animals, plants, and even among My angels. You have read of the nine choirs of angels and I have shown you the seven levels of heaven. The animals have hierarchies within each specie and along the food chains. The plants also have such an order from the smallest to the largest of trees. Even among mankind there is also a hierarchy both in the secular world and the spiritual world. You are familiar with the hierarchy of My Church where you have the pope, cardinals, bishops, priests, deacons, brothers, nuns, and the laity. In the secular world you have government leaders, corporate leaders, and all the supervision levels down to the workers. I am emphasizing these hierarchies to show you the order and responsibilities that I give to every living thing or soul. This order is not haphazard, but it is a sign of you of My hand in organizing creation. Each soul, no matter what station in life you have, has its own mission to serve Me in the best possible way. You can see that you all have a set purpose in life, even as the animals perform their lives mostly by instinct. Mankind is special because you have a soul and free will so you have freedom to obey Me or reject Me. I want you to love, obey, and serve your Creator of your own free will, and you will be in harmony with the rest of My creation. You see order in the stars of the universe, and My order even down to the very atoms that make up all matter. Give praise and glory to Me for all of creation that you see before you, since it all came from My hand and My thought.”