Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday, April 19, 2017:
Jesus said: “My people, it is good to look at yourself in a mirror and meditate on whether you are following your ways or My ways. If you want to be a good Christian, you need to give your will over to My Will, so I can use you for My purposes. Looking into the mirror is also a good way to see where you are in your life if you were to die today. Do you keep a pure soul with frequent Confession so you are ready to face Me at your judgment? Do you make sufficient prayer time every day, so you can be united with Me in love, and share your troubles and your prayer intentions? Do you see the big picture of your life as to whether you are headed to heaven, hell, or purgatory? By answering these questions honestly, you can see what you need to work on in order to please Me in your life’s actions. When you see the images in the mirror upside down, you are seeing how difficult it is to live in your world today, because people may see you as not being politically correct in your actions. Your laws are upside down when they are compared to My Commandments. Your courts allow abortion which is killing unborn babies, and this is against My Fifth Commandment of not killing anyone. Your courts allow homosexual marriages, and many live in fornication, which are sins against My Sixth Commandment. You should be living in a proper marriage in My Church where children should be born out of love, rather than out of lust. Some states allow euthanasia and recreational marijuana, which are killing old people and ruining the young people’s lives with drug addictions. Pray for sinners with your St. Michael prayer of deliverance for all people with addictions, so they can be returned to My love.”