Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel you saw again how I proclaimed Myself as the Bread of Life. At the Mass the priest consecrates the bread and wine into the Real Presence of My Body and Blood. When you receive Holy Communion, you are receiving My Body and Blood, and those, who do so, will have eternal life. I give you your spiritual Bread that feeds your soul every day that you receive Me worthily. Feeding your spiritual life in the soul is even more important than feeding the physical body. You again are seeing the hot coals of hell because it is important that you do everything to encourage your family and friends to keep close to Me, and away from sin. There are many family members that do not come to Mass or church, and they are not putting Me at the center of their lives. Some are living in fornication, while others are using birth control, and they worship things as sports, money, and fame. My faithful need to be shining examples of giving the right message of love to everyone. Show them that following My Commandments, daily prayer, and sharing faith and love of neighbor, is the proper life that I desire for everyone. If I am not a part of people’s lives, then they truly are risking the fires of hell. I am merciful, and I await souls to come to Me for forgiveness, but I am just, and people need to make the right choices in order to come to heaven. Keep praying for the souls of your family and friends so they are not lost to hell. Tell them how much I love them, and I want them to love Me as well.”

Jesus said: “My people, a while back you were seeing a series of gun killings using assault rifles where the gunmen committed suicide. This coincided with a push for gun law legislation which just got defeated in the Senate. Now you are seeing a series of possible terrorist activities involving the bombing at the Boston Marathon, ricin letters being sent to a U.S. Senator and your President, and now a huge explosion at a fertilizer factory. It is not certain about the fertilizer factory, but it is very suspicious that all of these things are occurring at about the same time. The one world people have an agenda to use false flag terrorist acts to help precipitate an excuse for martial law. If more of this violence continues, then you are seeing an organized pattern for takeover. The more incidents that you have, this will allow your Homeland Security to start setting up checkpoints where there are crowds of people. Remember the techniques of the one world people where they create the problem, and then they create the solution. If martial law is declared, this will be a sign to come to My refuges when your life might be endangered.”