Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I am warning you about the coming beast in the Antichrist, as you are seeing in this vision. I have blanked out his eyes because he will have demonic powers to entice you to worship him. He will appear as a man, but he will be very charismatic and with a forked tongue of deception and lies. He will try to solve the world’s wars with talk of peace. He will be given control of the world government over the unions, but then he will become a tyrant ruler enforcing mandatory chips in the body of everyone, or they will be killed. During the Warning experience you will be warned not to take any chips in your body and not to worship this Antichrist. I have also warned you after the Warning to remove your TVs and computer monitors out of your houses so you do not look at the Antichrist’s eyes of powerful deception. When you see mandatory chips in the body, massive disease spread by chem trails, and martial law, you should call on Me, and your guardian angels will lead you to the nearest refuge. These refuges will be places of My Blessed Mother’s apparitions, holy ground places, or caves. At My refuges you will find the luminous cross and healing water to protect you from diseases and all illnesses. My angels will protect you from the evil ones who will be trying to kill you because you are with Me. The battle of good and evil will become more physical, but you will see the evil ones lose the Battle of Armageddon. There will be some who are martyred for their faith, but they will become instant saints. Have patience and hope in My power since at the height of the Antichrist’s power, I will come and defeat him with My Comet of Chastisement. I will send the evil ones to hell, and renew the earth for My Era of Peace.”
Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a fortress of protection represents another means of your spiritual protection. I gave you a message earlier of how to put on your spiritual armor to fight the demons. There is another defense as well, and this relates to the foundation of your faith. In your early years, you were taught the faith in your Catholic grammar school and in Catholic college. You were also given good example from your father and mother. It is one gift of faith to be given an opportunity to be taught about the sacraments and how to live a Christian life of love of God and neighbor. It is another gift of faith to remain faithful to these beliefs throughout your whole life. You are tempted many times to follow the worldly ways, New Age, or false religions. But if you are firmly rooted in your spiritual foundations and traditions, you will have My strength to dismiss these temptations and remain faithful to Me. Pray that you will be strong through these temptations, and you can heal any wounds of sin in Confession in your repenting of sin.”